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Help Heal Ukrainian Children Through Art Therapy

By David Elley, “enthusiastic but talentless”

Hello, apart from beet carrier and carrot peeler with my patronymic as "He who sings badly" at LVK, I am working to increase awareness of Ukrainian kids who are telling their stories through their own art work. So I want to support a special art school here in Lviv, run by Ukrainian artist, Natalya Pavlyuk and her daughter, Yustyna. Natalya’s school is completely voluntary, without financial support they cannot continue to help kids.  Here’s what this school does in her words:

At the beginning of the war in Ukraine, we began our project because we saw so many children arriving in Lviv who had been directly traumatised by the war.  We knew these children needed some joy in their lives.  We immediately started going to hospitals, orphanages, and shelters to work with these children.  We saw immediate results in the children and want to continue our mission.  Since the beginning we have purchased all of our supplies, including high quality paints, brushes, and paper. - Natalya Pavlyuk

Natalya's school is run completely by volunteers and needs financial support to continue helping these children through art healing classes. Natalya wants to help as many kids as possible and also tell their stories. So I will be carrying some of her kids’ work home to auction to raise funds for Ukraine. I hope some of you will see them.

You can help support Natalya and Yustyna by sending to my Paypal, whatever you can spare. I am seeking to raise at least $2000 to keep the school funded for another few months. $5, 5Eu, 10, 20 or $50 or 50Eu, Any amount will help, if you can, please. All funds donated through the PayPal link below will go straight to the school here in Lviv. See links below to understand more of Natalya and Yustyna's efforts and their 2023 exhibition in Chicago, attended by Sec. of State Blinken.

Thank you so much.

David Elley

As a result of the war, all children are affected and need to express their feelings.  Children from all parts of Ukraine need art healing classes. The main idea is to bring them happiness - Natalya Pavlyuk


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